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Business Operations

Amy Boudreau Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Business Development & Alliances, Business Operations, Recruiting, Email Marketing

I have a BS in International Affairs and conducted 5 years of research in Organic & Analytical Chemistry (Synthesis, RNA-world Hypothesis, Metabolomics (show more)

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Interests: Music, Technology, Cooking, Science, and Fitness

Emily Gordon San Francisco, California, United States
Business Operations, Strategy & Planning, Financial Modeling, Project Management
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Analytics & Visualization, Business Operations

I am a self-taught data analyst who enjoys working on complex problems that involve getting the right data to the the right person at the right time. I (show more)

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Eileen Souza Seattle, Washington, United States
Analytics & Visualization, Efficiency/Organization, Business Operations, Strategy & Planning

I help people make their dreams come true, one project at a time. (show more)

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Interests: Community Outreach, Adventure, Travel, Reading, and Languages