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Open Source Tools

Anoop Singh San Francisco, California, United States
Technical Architecture, Twilio Product Support, Open Source Tools

I work at Twilio, building services for our users that enable them to meet global regulatory requirements. (show more)

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Interests: machine learning, distributed systems, artificial intelligence, and blockchain

Juan Jose Lopez Madrid, Madrid, Comunidad de, Spain
Software Engineering, Technical Architecture, Open Source Tools, IT & Networking

I am a person with a solid technical background and I'm looking forward to helping those who need it most (show more)

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Interests: Technology, Development, and Networking

Francesca Placido Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Twilio Product Support, Open Source Tools, IT & Networking, Security & Compliance

I am product support specialist for Twilio Flex for just a few months, but I have long experience in technical support and technology. (show more)

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Interests: technology, mental health, and social justice

Poojita Suri San Francisco, California, United States
Software Engineering, Open Source Tools, Technical Architecture, User Experience

Hi there! I'm a software engineer by profession. I'm available to help with technical problems and programming issues (python / java). This is my first (show more)

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Interests: Education, Women in Tech, Diversity & Inclusion, and Gender Equality

Jason Sooter Fort Collins, Colorado, United States
Twilio Product Support, Technical Architecture, Software Engineering, Open Source Tools

Product Support Specialist - Twilio Flex @Twilio React, Redux, GraphQL, Node, TypeScript & FP. Passionate at intersection of software and people (show more)

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