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Email Marketing

Jessamyn Sweet Denver, Colorado, United States
Product Marketing, Email Marketing, Communications & PR, Strategy & Planning

I've been in Product Marketing for 4 years, working on everything from new product development and research, to go-to-market planning for new products, (show more)

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Interests: product launches, messaging, growing your list, website, campaigns, design, and business plans

Amy Boudreau Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Business Development & Alliances, Business Operations, Recruiting, Email Marketing

I have a BS in International Affairs and conducted 5 years of research in Organic & Analytical Chemistry (Synthesis, RNA-world Hypothesis, Metabolomics (show more)

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Interests: Music, Technology, Cooking, Science, and Fitness

Julie Griffin Denver, Colorado, United States
Copy Editing, Email Marketing, Marketing, Content Design

I work on Twilio's Content Marketing team writing blog posts and resources, crafting campaigns, and optimizing our written materials for SEO. (show more)

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Interests: SEO, content marketing, storytelling, editing, and Writing