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Business Development & Alliances

Tony Milgram New York, New York, United States
Communications & PR, Business Development & Alliances, Getting Started with Twilio, Event Planning

Tony is an Enterprise Account Executive at Twilio with an interest in understanding how customer engagement is changing and transforming in the digital (show more)

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Interests: Sales and getting started

Ankita Bhosle San Francisco, California, United States
Twilio Product Support, Business Development & Alliances, Software Engineering
Twilio Product Management

Sales Engineer @ Twilio and Twilio platform generalist with extensive knowledge of the Twilio product suite. Software engineering background. (show more)

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Interests: digital communication, APIs, web development, communication strategy, digital engagement, and consulting

Amy Boudreau Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Business Development & Alliances, Business Operations, Recruiting, Email Marketing

I have a BS in International Affairs and conducted 5 years of research in Organic & Analytical Chemistry (Synthesis, RNA-world Hypothesis, Metabolomics (show more)

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Interests: Music, Technology, Cooking, Science, and Fitness

Karima Merchant London, United Kingdom
Business Development & Alliances, Analytics & Visualization, Strategy & Planning, Onboarding

I've spent most of my career focused on hiring, onboarding, and training business/ sales development reps and expanding our international offices. (show more)

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Interests: eating, eating, eating, yoga, cycling, running, and cooking

Michal Filip Kowalik London, United Kingdom
Strategy & Planning, Business Development & Alliances, Corporate Social Impact Partnerships

I'm a Senior Manager of in EMEA, the dedicated social impact team at Twilio working to provide the world's #1 cloud communication platform t (show more)

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Interests: music, history, geography, aviation, and Technology

Elias David London, England, United Kingdom
Managing Teams, Business Development & Alliances, Getting Started with Twilio

I head up the Emerging Markets Team at Twilio. I have a strong understanding of the Telco layer within EMEA and am happy to help any Organisation think (show more)

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Business Development & Alliances, Efficiency/Organization, Strategy & Planning, Prioritization / Time Management

I'm currently part of the quickly growing company, Twilio! I sit within the enterprise sales organization in the healthcare vertical working with some (show more)

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Interests: dogs, boating, golf, great outdoors, Friends, and Family