Nikita Jotwani

New York City, New York, United States

Social Impact, General business questions


My name is Nikita, and here are a few things you should know about me:

I recently moved to New York City after eleven years in DC.
I have a dog, Sadie. She is my life.
I love dancing. Especially in the rain.
I serve on the Developer Evangelism team at Twilio.

What do I do at Twilio?

I always loved planning and organizing Hackathons & Tech events so accepting the opportunity to lead the Developer events at Twilio was an easy choice!


Growing up, I always struggled with the “ He’s a boy, you’re a girl” attitude. I attributed a lot of it to the Indian culture, and maybe to some extent, the caveman mentality. You know, Men are the hunters, and Women are the nurturers. But is that it? We have come so far, and yet.. A December 2013 article from a popular American newspaper details, “… when toy companies think girls, they think glitter.”

Why is that? Why are the products aimed toward young girls covered in sparkles and pink? Why are girls encouraged to play with Barbie’s and not Lego’s? Why does technology remain a male-dominated field where only a few women are able to break the glass ceiling and make a difference? Could it be because girls are raised to suppress their curiosities about the world and be what everyone thinks they should be?

I want to make a difference, especially now when it's needed the most. To get women all over the world the resources they need to think creatively, to be curious and to explore. Because once we do that, there’s nothing they can’t do. There’s nothing we can’t do!