Colleen Murphy

New York, New York, United States

General business questions


I am Customer Success Manager here at Twilio. I work with my clients to strategize best ways to use Twilio's products to execute on their projects and missions. I make sure customers are getting the most out of the platform and go over best practices and the capabilities of our tools. This software-telecom world can get quite confusing - so I can help you navigate it!


I graduated with a BA in Media Studies and a Minor in Global Poverty and Practice from UC Berkeley. My passion is working with people. At Twilio, I work directly with clients and help them make the most out of our platform. Being able to serve customers who are using Twilio to actually make a difference in the world makes the deal a whole lot sweeter.

My volunteer interests include children, education, human rights and policy. I am also getting involved in a mental health advocacy group and look forward to learning more about that sector as well. I look forward to working with any and all non-profits out there, and hope I can help steer your project in the right direction.