Katelyn Frick Miller

Seattle, Washington, United States

Efficiency/Organization, Prioritization / Time Management, Strategy & Planning, Event Planning

Lead Executive Assistant, Office of the CEO

I'm the executive assistant to the CEO of Twilio and have 8+ years supporting SVP & C-Suite executives. I would love to leverage my experience to help you become more efficient, identify areas where administrative support is critical and expand on many of the unknown benefits of having an EA.


Most people need an executive assistant for a year or two before they actually act on finding someone. This is largely because the benefits of having an EA are mostly unknown for those who have never had one. While you may not be ready (or have the resources) to hire a dedicated EA there are a lot of tips and tricks of the trade that can benefit you now. I would love to talk through how I manage time for a c-suite executive and what you can do to improve your own time management, efficiency, prioritization and effectiveness.