Tony Milgram

New York, New York, United States

Enterprise Account Executive, Twilio

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Tony is an Enterprise Account Executive at Twilio with an interest in understanding how customer engagement is changing and transforming in the digital age. He is further interested in meeting new people and helping them solve through challenges and opportunities focused around business development, communications, and event planning.


Hi! My name is Tony Milgram and I'm currently an Enterprise Account Executive at Twilio. With a demonstrated history of working in the software and CPaaS (communication platform as a service) industry, I love enabling businesses and organizations of all kind to become more digitally forward in their communications. Skilled in Management, Make/Buy Decisions, Public Speaking, and Public Relations.I hold a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) focused in Business Management Economics from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

While I originally hail from California, I've been calling New York City home for the last two years.