Suchit Parikh

Orange County, California, United States

Diversity & Inclusion, Software Engineering, Technical Architecture, Product Development

Principal Software Engineer, Twilio SendGrid, Twilio SendGrid

I am a Software Engineer by profession. My social impact focus is to contribute in the space of gender equality and mental health. I am available to help with problems in the space of software engineering, especially the technical side of email marketing or email integration. I am also willing to engage in conversations and strategies involving gender equality and mental health.


Professionally, I have been a software engineer for over 15 years. Of that, I have spent last 8 years at SendGrid helping build and maintain our email infrastructure. I am also a photographer, primarily interested in portrait and people photography. I have photographed a few small weddings and done individual or couple photoshoots.

I am passionate about gender equality and mental health for all. I spent 4 years as a part of SendGrid's D&I advocacy group where I learned to better observe and understand various Diversity & Inclusion issues in work life, I learned to respectfully engage in these conversations and contribute towards finding solutions to achieve small wins and make big strides. I have spent most of my last year on my mental wellness. In the process, I have observed, read and learned a lot in the space, and my ultimate goal is to help make the conversation of mental health a normalcy in life.

In the space of gender equality, at this point, I am available in the role of a male ally.