Nisha George

San Francisco, California, United States

Project / Product Management, General business questions, International operations, User experience & solution design


I am currently a product manager at Twilio. I'm interested in helping with product development and strategy for increasing customer adoption, usage and revenue. I have spent most of my time at Twilio working with the Twilio Voice products so I'd be a better resource for Voice related projects.


I have a varied background including aerospace research at NASA, construction project management at USACE, customer support at tech companies, program management of enterprise customers and product management in tech. I love working with diverse sets of stakeholders, optimizing processes and building useful products for customers.

I have volunteered with Kiva in the past to help with development (fundraising) and customer support. I mentor accomplished women in tech as part of WEST to help them develop their brand, manage up and become better advocates for themselves. I also volunteer with SF Education Fund as a math tutor and serve as part of their Young Professionals Council.