About Us

Whether you’re just beginning to explore how Twilio can work for your organization, or you’d like some help reviewing your code, the Impact Corps is here to set you up for communications success. Have a question about setting up an IVR, or need someone to review your SMS workflow? Social impact organizations that have joined the Twilio.org Impact Access program can connect with a Twilio pro to send you on the right path. Keep in mind, Impact Corps members are volunteers with day jobs, so it’s best to come prepared with a clear ask and a short-term project.

The Twilio.org Impact Corps is comprised of Twilio employees and community developers who want to enact positive change through the power of communications technology. Impact Corps volunteers have seen the power of a single text message, phone call, or video interaction and want to enable more social impact organizations to achieve that same success.

What kinds of projects are best?

The expertise of the Twilio.org Impact Corps is helping organizations leverage Twilio technology to better connect with the communities they serve. Each member of the Impact Corps has his or her own individual expertise, but some of the common areas of interest are:

  • Getting started with Twilio
  • Twilio architecture best practices
  • SMS and voice best practices
  • Common communication use cases and how to implement them
  • Helpful open source tools
  • Code review for your Twilio application

Browse our list of Twilio volunteers to learn about their specific expertise and how they can best serve you.